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Those of us who have no permanent job in science, when our contract is close to an end (that means more or less a year) it is time to start applying for a new job.

Normally, how it works is as follows: You see an advertisement of a position on offer. Normally they ask for your curriculum vitae, a cover letter, the list of publications and the name of referees. You put them all together (at first, this is a lot of work, but then it is only a matter of adapting them according to the job description), you send the completed application and wait.

Suddenly you receive an email: you don’t need to read it all, you fast scan to find either “unfortunately” or “we’re happy to…” If “unfortunately” appears, I just put a “X” in front of the folder name where I save the rejection documents. If the happiness appears in the response email, I find the folder to remind myself what the job was about; what did I put in my application? (and sometimes, google-map where in the World is this city?) You should by now know that I love maps!! Then I prepare for the interview. Interviews can be in person, by phone or videoconference. This week I had one job interview for a job in Wilhelmshaven (it is your time to google it now, hahahaha).

One advantage of having being in a distance-relationship for a while is that you spend so much time talking in front of the computer that you end up being as natural as in real life (as my mum said: “what a hell are you doing laughing in front of this machine”). The science interviews have standard interview questions: what are your strengths; where do you see yourself in five years… And science questions: what is the most important result in your last publication (yeah! At least one person has read it!!). They finish with the typical: “we will get back to you”

And they come back to me, and offer the job!!

Then starts a storm in my brain, first check: how are flights from the new job to home in Ibiza? I again remember my mum, when I was deciding where to do my PhD, saying “you go where you want but try to keep less than two flights and less than half day of travel” Check one, not too bad, as travel is always better summer than winter. Check two, how is housing there? Check three, how much will I earn? Check four, when should I start? It never coincides with the end our your actual contract. Check five; check six… Oh my gosh!!! Moving again, boxes and more boxes (fortunately, there has not being too long since we last moved and our studio is too small to accumulate a lot of things).

I have yet to decide, I need to think, ask my pillow, ask my family, go to swim, go to run… we’ll see . . .