Monthly Archives: September 2014

I’ve been too long in the UK

I’ve been too long in the UK. I don’t know what to do after being to the loo when I don’t see the symbol “now wash your hands”. I panic in entering the lab without lab coat, even to fill a bottle of water and my PI was amused to see me keeping all the packaging of the chemical we received. It is sure he has never deal with BAS people, hahaha. There’s no fire-alarm testing on Monday morning and I haven’t had any health and safety induction, Risk Assessment Induction, chemical storage induction… However, life carries on without problems 🙂 It also annoys me that there’s no kettle and tea facilities in the hotels and I say twice as much “sorry” as anyone else (when saying in German, it is not as easy, hahaha).
Anyway, my new life in Germany is starting to flow more easily. We found an apartment: it was love at first sight, the first one we visited… the apartment choose me and not the other way around. One of the main reason to choose it was because it had some green walls. However, the landlord asks the actual tenant to repaint white before we move in on next Sunday, hahahaha. This one is much bigger than in Southampton so all visitors are welcome 😦
I continue to have problems with shipping company: I sent 7 parcels and only received 5. The two missing parcels (full of winter jackets, sport clothes and trousers) are in “Search and catch” operation around Europe. They probably won’t find them, in which case, they will give me some money back that might allow me to buy a sleeve of one of the jackets I’m missing :(. So here is a good tip: when moving, don’t put all your trousers in the same bags (or as Zoraida’s mum says, all the eggs in the same egg-carrier)
This move reminds me of one of the really good things about being an oceanographer: you work and live in really nice place. We are staying in a guesthouse of the Seckenberg Institute which has amazing sea views. Another good thing about moving to a new city: leave without a map to explore the city and everything is new, every corner needs to be discovered and doesn’t matter if it’s not the most important one (like when you are on holiday) because you have 3 years to discover all of them.